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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 19, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> reporter: developing news out of san francisco this morning where officers are fired at just trying to pull over a car and there is a violent crash. i'm christie smith. we'll show you coming up in a live report. backs against the wall, do or die, call it what you want. a giants in a win or go home situation today. we will have a live report from st. louis coming up. plus what you need to know about a big change this weekend affecting every call made in the 408 area code. and from near record heat to potentially record rainfall over the course of the necessary 72 hours. we're in the middle right now. 80s inland, 70s at the coast and bayside. lots to talk about when it comes to your weekend forecast. we're also tracking changes for highway 101 and i'll give you the update on that richmond car fire coming up. >> mike, right now we'll give you a live look over san francisco. a little cloudy out there. those are low-hanging clouds, also known as fog. we like to educate as well as
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entertain on this friday, october 19th. this is "today in the bay." checking the clock, it is 5:01. good friday morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with a developing story in san francisco. a shootout, a police pursuit and crash with a cab. this morning a suspect still on the loose after a string of violence with san francisco police. christie smith is live in the city with us for the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. what a morning for san francisco police officers. i spoke briefly with the officer who said she was shot at. this started with a basic traffic stop on a car. that car is down the street. and the initial stop was actually just because a license plate light was out but look at that car now. the cadillac in the middle of the street.
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it ran the intersection and was nailed by a taxi. this is at franklin and eddy streets. eddy is blocked with the car parked and glass in the street as investigators work and look for one suspect who got away. this started around 2:00 this morning. officers tried to stop the car. the car pulls over. they believe someone inside fired at least one shot at officers. those officers are okay. they tell me then the car took off, ran a light and then got hit by a cab as it was in the intersection, but then kept going about half a block. two people inside that car jumped out and officers had to chase them on foot. >> it's a lot. it's a lot to go through. i'm still digesting it. it takes a while to have it process through your brain and realize what happened. even as time goes on throughout the day, they'll probably still think of what happened. it takes a lot. >> reporter: now, they did catch
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one person. they believe that person is the passenger. that was about two blocks away from the scene where we are. but the driver is still out there at large this morning. the taxi driver hurt his hand but otherwise expected to be okay. but you can see the front end of that taxicab pretty messed up here this morning. as for what set this whole thing off, why the two people in the car reacted this way from a routine traffic stop, san francisco police tell us they just don't know. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> a little loud out there as well. day jthe giants facing elimination and have to win three straight games again to stay alive. scott reese is live in st. louis. scott, the giants trail st. louis 3-1 and clearly have trouble bringing runners home. with that in mind, the question
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is should we expect any major lineup changes today? >> reporter: well, jon, we saw some minor lineup changes yesterday. i don't know how much more bruce bochy can reach into his bag of tricks. the main chore was to find some protection for buster posey, who hadn't seen many pitches so they flip-flopped posey and pablo sandoval. posey still is just 2 for 14 in this nlcs and he has not driven in a single run. as for deja vu, the giants faced this situation in cincinnati and that was more daunting because they had to win three games on the road. now the mantra is just win one. win today's game and get it back to san francisco and take your chances with six and seven. first pitch just after 5:00. first pitch at 5:07 pacific time and our coverage on comcast sportsnet bay area begins at 4:00. so, guys, the giants seem to rise to the occasion when their backs are against the wall and, hey, their backs are against the
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wall. >> here we go. even though that team is on the brink of elimination, giants fans stay optimistic. arturo santiago is live with that side of the story for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. is this sweet torture or is it just plain torture? as you said, the san francisco giants are on the brink of elimination, down three games to one in the national league championship series. giants fans are clinging to any ray of light right now. most of that illumination, as we've been talking about, comes from the recent past. just a couple of weeks ago the giants were down 2-0 to the red sox and came roaring back three in a row. now, the nail biting seems to be much more intense than it was two years ago during the giants' magical run to the world series title. this year's uphill climb seems to be a little bit more steep. fans are a bit nervous but for the most part they're confident. >> you've got to believe, you
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know what i'm saying. it ain't over, you know what i'm saying. they went to cincinnati and got three. they can do it again. >> it's always been torture. that's just how it is. we're going to do it. >> reporter: again, game five is tonight. we'll say when the giants win tonight we'll have to go through this agonizing anticipation two more times to get to the world series so it's definitely time for that steely resolve of the true fan whose mantra is believe. live at at&t park, i'm arturo santiago, "today in the bay." happening right now, firefighters still hard at work trying to contain a wildfire still burning north of sacramento. the 300-acre fire broke out in lake county yesterday afternoon. evacuation orders still in effect for about 60 homes in that area. highway 29 completely shut down. firefighters have the fire at about 20% contained. so far we're happy to report nobody has been hurt. that fire's cause remains under
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investigation. it is 5:06. california will honor its fallen firefighters tonight in a special ceremony at the state capitol. 40 men and women died over the past 12 months. a special vigil will be held tonight for them and tomorrow their names will be unveiled on the california firefighters memorial wall. among those being honored, three from the bay area. william west of east contra costa fire district, hollis franks of alameda county fire and william young of vallejo fire. arson investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a castro valley house fire. the early assessment pointing to arson. this is an update to breaking news yesterday morning. firefighters say a body was found inside that home on san carlos avenue and it was a woman. they are treating her death at this point as suspicious. nbc bay area spoke to a relative who said the man who lives in that home is a retired firefighter and happens to be on vacation in utah. the name of the woman has not
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been released. the man accused of pacifica's first homicide in 12 years expected to make his first court appearance today. marc anthony furlin is accused of killing 24-year-old keith coffey. the two men knew each other and there was some confrontation before the homicide. investigators have not released any other information. coffey's body was found in the front lawn of a home early wednesday morning. get ready to do something and dial a little differently. starting tomorrow people living in the san jose area will have to dial a few extra numbers when making phone calls. callers will need to dial 1 plus the area code and then the number, even if they're calling another 408 number. we go retro and old school with that phone. on november 20th, a new 669 area code will be introduced. customers who request new service, add a line or change service may be assigned that code. that's all part of the plan to
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supply new phone numbers for the growing population. >> checking numbers of a different kind, christina loren is on top of that. >> taking a live look, beautiful start here. let me tell you why. we've got a little fog blowing back in the wind but i wanted to point out that giants flag. they are still in it, do not give up hope. 55 in novato, 61 to start in stinson beach. down in san francisco, a mild, almost balmy 65 degrees. we're at 60 here in san jose headed towards a comfortable afternoon. by noon today only enjoying the low 70s, whereas we had the 80s at noon inland yesterday. so temperatures overall will run 10 to 15 degrees cooler today. over the course of the next 72 hours, we bring in the showers. first let's check your drive. we'll take you to 880, the nimitz freeway right past the oakland coliseum. we do have a smooth drive right now. farther north we have a little
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construction between 16th and 980, both directions of the map. there's no major issue for the drive. what we do have also is a car fire west 580 around harbor. that area i've circled has cleared of the incident. we had a little slowing that also just cleared and more slowing toward the richmond bridge. toep toll plaza, but it looks like that has changed the past couple of minutes. construction east 24 toward that single eastbound bore, there's a little slowing for highway 13 and 580, so we'll track that. a live look outside shows you how things are on the other side of the bay. here's palo alto. that earlier construction zone cleared. wow, do they have a traffic break going on? i shouldn't be asking you. i'll check on that. i'll check on what exactly is going on. back to you guys. >> i was going to ask you the same thing. all right, mike, appreciate that. you'll like this one, mike. the san mateo bridge closing this weekend to undergo a series of repairs. we have a live look at that
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bridge this morning. caltrans says the closure is necessary to fix a cracked beam under the westbound lanes of that span. the bridge carries close to 100,000 cars each and every day. it will close starting at 9:00 tonight and will reopen in time for monday morning's commute. coming up we'll tell you what prompted a federal judge to call the city of oakland dysfunctional. also what one bay area city is doing to try and protect tenants from these things. those are bed bugs. plus don't call it a gas station. so what should you call it? we'll take a look coming up.
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welcome back, everybody. it is 5:13. along with being friday we have more good news to tell you about. drivers waking up to find some
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much-needed relief at that pump. gas prices falling after a major jump in the prices at the beginning of the month. much of that decline has to do with the fact that they are producing that winter blend of gas, which is much cheaper to make. in california the average price of a gallon of gas is $4.51. that is down 13 cents from last week. gas prices in san francisco dropped 12 cents over that same time period and they have dropped 14 cents in oakland and in san jose. >> if you'd like to go electric, meanwhile, scott mcgrew has new options for you, including a new gas station. >> yeah, what are you going to call those places you fill up if it's electric. you can't say service stations. they don't do service. whatever these things are, tesla this morning will open an electric recharge station in gilroy near the outlets, which kind of lends itself to a joke right there. tesla has new technology to charge cars more quickly. other stations will open in f l
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folsom, harris ranch and barstow. the company announcing a buy back program. if you own the roadster, you can state your name turn it in for a partial credit for the new sedan. tesla is moving into the used car market today as well. tech weighing very heavily on the stock market. we'll turn to jackie deangeles at cnbc for more. >> reporter: good morning, scott. the futures are lower this morning. we a rise in unemployment that offset an upbeat report in manufacturing but google's disappointing earnings hanging over the tech sector. after they were released more than three hours early. microsoft could also impact trading as its results missed analysts forecast. we'll get data on existing home sales and earnings from general electric and mcdonald's are already out so we'll get an early read on that. the dow slipped 8 points closing
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at 13,548. the nasdaq shedding 31 points, closing at 3,072. back over to you, scott. 5:16. here's some revolutionary tech for you. a new way to sell a house that's absolutely enraging traditional real estate agents called red fin. agents are on salary so they don't work on commission. if they sell you a house, they get paid. if they don't sell you a house, they get paid. the company's ceo is going to be my guest sunday. i cannot state how big a disruption there is. there have been physical threats made against him. although it doesn't happen very much anymore, there are times when someone is cutting down the red fin for sale signs outside of houses. that much of a description in the industry. >> a lot of money at stake. looking forward to that. christina loren is here to tell us we have the heat and now we're going for the cool. >> we're going the complete
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opposite direction as we get into the weekend and especially as we get into next week. you'll be pulling out that umbrella and need to keep it out for at least three to four days. good morning to you. we want to start with this live picture of san jose, mostly clear for now. we are expecting a mostly cloudy start. low clouds filling in all your interior valleys but whatever fog does develop yinland will burn off quickly. you're starting off really mild in san francisco. still slated to hit 70 degrees. as we head throughout the morning hours, your temperatures will climb from the low 60s into the 70s by noon and round out the day in the low 80s. we're done with the record-breaking heat. high pressure takes a hike to the east. jetstream starts to dip to the south and that means a cooler weekend. what i can tell you is it's going to be fabulous out there for your outdoor plans. monday, tuesday, everything changes. you'll want to seek shelter as we have widespread rain on the way monday into tuesday. 60s return. fog and drizzle just about all
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week long so enjoy the warm sunshine while it lasts one more day. 81 in livermore, 74 in fremont, 76 in redwood city and 70 degrees in san francisco. it's not going to be all that bad as we get through the next couple days. you'll notice a cooldown but still perfect for outdoor activities. you don't have to worry about overdoing it in the heat any longer. tuesday into wednesday we've got a really good chance for rain. we'll see another wave of moisture thursday into friday and that will bring about a pretty active pattern. all week long we'll be dealing with these showers but we'll have mike and i to guide you through it. >> i'm trying to check out why we weren't watching anything northbound 101. there are the lights i'm expected to see. no word from chp on any traffic breaks but as i talked about, the construction crews have cleared from the area. it's quite possible they ran one farther back at embarcadero. there you go, a smooth drive reinstated for the peninsula. no real issues now. they do have to slow as they move those cone zones so we'll
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watch that. meanwhile the dumbo has typical overnight road work with no disruptions to flow here. here's your northbound commute looking really good. it sounds like someone hit a dog at 280 and meridian. expect a little bit of slowing as flashing lights arrive on scene. i'll bring you other updates when i get them. meanwhile some slowing developing out of the altamont pass. your commute direction into l livermore typical slowing as it builds. we have the bay bridge toll plaza. it backup hasn't yet at all. also the north bay, same thing here but we see the build already. a few more cars through san rafael. 5:19 right now and more trouble to the oakland police department and its chief. the judge deciding whether to order the federal takeover of the department calling the city, quote, dysfunctional. he's upset chief jordan did not respond to e-mails from a federal monitor. those e-mails were sent on october 13th and 17th.
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bay area news group reporting jordan says he never got those e-mails. the judge now ordering the city to fix those issues with its e-mail system by next friday. san francisco could soon be at the forefront of a solution for bed bug infestation. the city supervisor issued new legislation that would require the department of public health to collect monthly reports from pest control companies about the number of housing units they treated. it would also require landlords to disclose a two-year bed bug history upon request by new tenants and force them to treat those infestation within 30 days. the rules would also apply for hotels except for that disclosure provision, and violators would be fined up to $1,000 a day. the board is expected to approve that legislation. >> that's a little scary. i've never seen a bed bug up choes like that. a nasty accident leaving
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team oracle out of commission until next year. they will have to wait three to four months for a new wing sail to be built. you remember the wing was shredded earlier this week when this happened. it capsized during a training run. the team's manager said a new wing sail will arrive early in the year which was supposed to be used for a second ac-72. now they have to regroup and it will be use to replace that damaged sail. 5:21. coming up, how you can make your way into the world record books this weekend.
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welcome back, everybody. giants fans keeping hope alive down in st. louis as we give you a live look through busch stadium. that is a spectacular shot. got the flags waving, that arch down there, the iconic st. louis arch. the giants hoping to come up
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with an iconic win tonight. they need it so they do not get eliminated. san francisco will soon be home to the largest skyscraper in the west. the city planning commission has issued its final approval for the transbay transit center tower. this will consist of 61 stories and is expected to be about 912 feet tall. there will be room inside for office, retail space and i'm sure a lot of parking. meantime the san jose earthquakes will break ground on a new stadium with a public ceremony on sunday and the team wants your help. they want to celebrate the landmark event and the earthquakes are aiming to break the guinness word record books for the most people taking part in such a ceremony. the record is about 4500 people set in india. the team says more than 5500 people have signed up to participate. don't forget to show up. that ceremony starts at noon. the new stadium is scheduled to open in 2014. >> be true to your team.
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passion. make it happen. there are a lot of guinness world records out there. christina loren, are we setting any records temperaturewise, a little high or otherwise? >> best-looking anchor team in the world, i would say. >> where? >> don't have to look too far. as you look to the north you'll see a frontal system coming in later on today but not just yet. sunshine will prevail for the first half of the day, becoming cloudy as we get into this evening. 81 inland, bayside 75 degrees, and at the coast you'll be at about 70 degrees. last great day to hit the beach before the rains come. we'll talk with that coming up. first let's check your drive with mike. >> we're looking over here to san jose. the volume picking up just a bit so we're looking for a typical build for the south bay. the san mateo bridge moves smoothly over from the hayward side. remember there's a closure over the weekend but no drama right now. consider the dumbo or bay bridge
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as your alternate. the golden gate bridge, smooth drive and very light volume. look at the glowing lights, you can't really make out those towers. things are a little hazy across the span itself but the speeds are okay. back to you. a stray cat back on solid ground this morning after spending two days atop a telephone pole. two days. the cat climbed up the pole in las vegas earlier this week. neighbors tried to entice him down with food, it didn't work. the utility company, firefighters refused to help so a passer by tried to take matters into his own hands, climbing the pole and bringing that cat down. the neighbor claimed the cat lucky and now he lives at a nearby home. high up there. >> so a passer by just happened to have those climbing spikes? >> don't you keep them in your truck? >> usually. but i leave them at home most of the time. 5:26. still to come on "today in the bay" an overnight house fire in
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san jose. we'll have the latest coming up in a report. have you heard of the new dialing procedure for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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>> reporter: what a morning for san francisco police. they tried to pull over a driver and end up getting shot at. they're okay but there was a crash and a foot chase. i'm christie smith. i'll tell you what happened next. plus google's no good, very bad day. we'll take a look at all the mistakes that are affecting that company's stock just ahead. plus it's do or die for the san francisco giants of the team is in a must-win situation in st. louis. live coverage from busch stadium coming up. and from summer-like conditions to winter-like weather in just 72 hours. lots to sort out when it comes to your weekend forecast. and lots of lights hitting those freeways but i'm watching for your brake lights. i'll point them out coming up. right now we have a live look over the south bay, san jose. i see a little bit of lights coming up out of the distance. as christina says, it's going to
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be a little cooldown for you on this friday, october 19th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. it's 5:30. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. we're learning more about the developing story we've been covering in san francisco. this morning a suspect still on the loose after a shootout with an officer, a chase through city streets and a crash with a taxicab. christie smith is live in the city and has the latest on this evolving story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. i spoke brief low with the officer who was shot at and she's a little shaken up, understandably. all they were trying to do is pull over a car and next thing you know they hear gunfire directed at them. that car took off and ended up running a light through an intersection and hit a taxicab. the cab was just towed away but i'm showing you, that piece of orange there is the front end,
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actually the bumper of the taxicab. fortunately that driver is okay, the officer is okay this morning. the driver that refused to pull over ended up going about a half a block down the street here at eddy and franklin after the crash. this started around 2:00 this morning. san francisco police tried to pull over the driver of a cadillac because the light was out over the license plate. that's all. that was just about four blocks away from where we are now but that driver refused to stop. next thing you know officers say they hear at least one shot fired at them. they didn't follow right away because of that. then they say the cadillac hit the taxi. somehow, though, no one was seriously injured. >> given the speed that you could easily see the car ended up half a block away, we're lucky someone is not more injured than the taxi driver who had a hurt hand. it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: two people got out of that cadillac and ran but officers had to chase them on foot.
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they ended up catching one of them. they believe that was the passenger and they think that the driver actually got away, so still out there this morning. that was in the last couple of minutes. i just wanted to show you where we are here. this was blocked off. they had crime scene tape here the last couple of minutes. you can see a car turning that way so it looks like things are moving right along. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." google, a company to watch this morning. its stock taking a major tumble after a series of missteps. regulators actually had to suspend trading of the mountain view company yesterday. scott mcgrew is in our newsroom with what caused that sudden drop. good morning, scott. >> reporter: good morning. publicly traded companies like google have to issue financial statements once a quarter. there's a darn good reason they do it while the stock market iclosed. of t the timing allows people to look through these numbers before making a buy or sell decision. google blew it when one of their
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contractors accidentally released google's numbers right smack in the middle of the trading day and there was bad news inside. google's expenses are up, it's advertising revenue weak and investors didn't have time for that deep breath. they sent the stock down more than 10%. obviously google's financials are very complex, but the takeaway is what we have been saying all week. this move to mobile is a huge threat to silicon valley companies. google depends on advertising. fewer people are clicking on those mobile ads. this is the same problem for facebook, which releases its financials hopefully at the right time next week. laura. >> we know you're keeping tabs on that. thank you. new this morning, the funeral for a murdered east bay schoolteacher taking place in just a few hours from right now. friends, family and relatives honoring the life of susie ko at 10:00 this morning at st. patrick's church in rodeo. the 55-year-old was found stabbed to death in her home earlier this month. her car was also missing.
5:34 am
now, a couple linked to a crime spree in southern california has been arrested in connection with ko's death. they were arrested by police in washington state, who spotted that couple driving ko's car. fire investigators looking into the cause of an overnight house fire in san jose. it started in the attic of a home on ross park drive near cherry and branham in the cambria neighborhood. everyone inside the home was able to get out safely. the cause is still under investigation. the family of sierra lamar marks a very difficult milestone today without knowing if they will ever see their daughter again. today is the missing teen's 16th birthday. sierra disappeared seven months ago from our morgan hill neighborhood after leaving to catch the school bus on a friday morning. since then hundreds of volunteers have turned out to help search for her. investigators have arrested a suspect and charged him with murder, but so far no body has been found. the giants must win today or
5:35 am
their world series dreams are over. >> yeah, a lot of pressure right there, but we feel -- we've seen it before. they're up to it. comcast sportsnet scott reese is live in st. louis right now. we're hoping a lot of good vibrations down there. the giants now putting barry zito on the mound, trying to save that series. >> reporter: yeah, jon, they sure will. as you can see it's actually raining now in st. louis, which is the last thing anybody wants to see after what we went through a couple of nights ago. the good news is the raindrops are supposed to dissipate will before first pitch. as for barry zito, he had a chance to save the giants' season last wednesday in cincinnati when the team was down two games to nothing in that best of five series. the good news is the giants won the game. the bad news is zito didn't pitch very well. gave up two runs on four hits. but zito has been a good luck charm for this team. the giants have actually won a dozen, that is 12 consecutive barry zito starts, obviously dating well back into the regular season.
5:36 am
this no doubt will be the biggest statute of his giants career. so barry zito against lance lynn of the cardinals and they will get it on in game five. first pitch just after 5:00 pacific time and our coverage over on comcast sportsnet bay area beginning at 4:00. we'll have more from st. louis in the next hour. for now, back to you guys. >> look at that umbrella, hope it's not a rainout. >> let's hope the giants pull it all back together and stay dry. for the giants fans, it's just torture all over again. arturo santiago is live in san francisco with that sigh of the story with the g fans hanging on. >> reporter: good morning, jon. and the true -- the true honest to god giants fan wholeheartedly believes the team can get this thing done. they understand this is the torture they have to endure in order to reach their ultimate goal. the team came roaring back and won three in a row for the
5:37 am
chance to play for the pennant just a couple of weeks ago. they were down 2-0 to the red sox and when they made their magical run to the world series two years ago that was a torturous september leading into the playoffs. what we do have on our side is not only do the fans believe it can be done, the players believe they can do it. here's what sergio romo had to say last week after they beat cincinnati three games in a row. >> we're a gritty and grinding team. we're scrapped it out and it shows in our play. man, man i'm proud of my team. >> you've got to believe, you know what i'm saying. it ain't over, you know what i'm saying. they did it once. they went to cincinnati and got three, they can do it again. >> reporter: just a moment ago i mistakenly said red sox. i meant the cincinnati reds. game five is tonight. we'll take out the if next when talking about games six an seven. they are absolutely necessary and giants fans believe the team
5:38 am
will make it back here to at&t park for those two games six and seven. live in san francisco, i'm arturo santiago, "today in the bay." >> keep that spirit alive. arturo. >> what's that? >> sending out positive vibrations. >> what do you think, christina? >> i think spirit fingers are a little more likely to help. >> that's not my style. >> what, you don't think this is cool? 5:38 now. starting with a live look over the embarcadero, those clouds are coming down. not yet right at the surface as we head throughout 7:00 to 8:00, the fog will be at its worst and then we'll see a nice, sunny day. at least for four to five hours of sunshine between 12:00 and 5:00. then you'll notice those clouds thickening up as we have a frontal system on the way that's going to dramatically change our weather. north bay, central bay, east bay all over. we're back in the good air quality range. temperatures are going to be rather comfortable.
5:39 am
81 degrees bayside, 75 degrees and 70 today at the coast. mike inouye, what do we have out there? yesterday was a rough one. >> oh, yes, definitely. today is friday with a lighter volume and no drama so far, not like yesterday. this is san jose, highway 101, which is typical build just before 6:00. starting to see more cars here and also fremont south coming down past the truck scales. all these headlights past and the sign at the auto mall there. we'll show you this area on the map an see 680 as well as 880 moving smoothly. we're looking at the slowdown through the tri-valley coming out of the altamont. more slowing into livermore. still okay at the dublin interchange. oakland shows a nice flow past the coliseum. speeds still close to the limit, that is good stuff, guys. do i have one more shot? i don't think i do. i'm saving it for later. >> teasing us right now.
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like to keep us hanging on. mike's got more coming up. 5:39. decision 2012 straight ahead. the latest coming up in a live report. plus the late-night move by the port of oakland. the new person in charge of the agency.
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the president and mitt romney back on the campaign trail this morning after spending a little quality time together. they took part in an election tradition, a charity dinner in new york. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with a look at what the candidates are doing today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. today we'll see the president in virginia, governor romney in florida as they continue to try to hit those battleground states after what was a much lighter night for them, secertainly lighter than we saw earlier this week at that contentious debate. they were joking about the first
5:43 am
debate. the second debate much more back and forth and we've got the third one coming up on monday that will cover foreign policy. the nbc polls give president obama an eight-point lead in iowa, a six-point lead in wisconsin. the campaign thinks those two plus ohio could win them the election, but ohio still very much a toss-up. then we've got the galup poll that gave governor romney a seven-point lead nationwide. very different than the rest of the poll bus it's gallup so it's raising a lot of eyebrows and drawing a lot of attention. new this morning, the commander of u.s. forces in japan has imposed a curfew on all u.s. military personnel following the suspected rape of a japanese woman in okinawa. two u.s. servicemen arrested wednesday following the alleged incident and they are right now being held until their trial. that curfew orders all troops and u.s. civilians working on japan to be on base or at their private home from 11:00 at night to 5:00 in the morning. the military also ordering
5:44 am
disciplinary restraining to all u.s. personnel in japan -- that's retraining, i should say, in japan. 5:44. officials with the u.s. state department meeting with diplomats from bangladesh to try to learn more about a man who attempted to blow up the federal reserve bank in new york. that meeting is schedule for tomorrow in washington. the 21-year-old from bangladesh was arrested on wednesday in an fbi sting operation. police say the man made several attempts to blow up a fake 1,000-pound bomb inside a car parked next to the federal reserve. the suspect's family says they're stunned and that he could have not committed those alleged crimes. meantime that investigation also led to the arrest of a san diego man on child porn charges. howard willie carter ii pled not guilty to three counts of child pornography in federal court yesterday. investigators say they discovered the child porn on carter's computer after he communicated with the terror
5:45 am
suspect online. carter was not charged in the bomb plot. it is 5:45 on the nose right now. christina loren steps back in to talk about the friday forecast and the weekend. better get a little sweater or something, right? >> a little sweater and you'll need to get that umbrella if you have not yet invested in one and you're new to the bay area. we are getting into our rainy season and it is coming on quickly. 5:45. as jon pointed out, it's friday. taking a live look over san jose, beautiful conditions out there this morning. you won't need to run your ac today, we're only expecting temperatures in the low 80s even in the warmest cities across the bay. as we get into the weekend, temperatures will tumble into the low 70s inland so make sure you get that jacket ready to go. 57 in novato. you won't need it in stinson beach where you're in the 60s. we're going to hit 70 degrees later on today. high pressure still in control but it is weakening and starting to drift to the east. as we get to the weekend, we'll
5:46 am
see cooler conditions as the jetstream does start to dig to the south just enough for us to drop off by 10 degrees. it's still going to be nice for your outdoor activities saturday and sunday and then things start to change monday and tuesday. right in time for the workweek. we're talking about showers and it looks like the first wave of moisture will come through during monday morning's commute. so mike and i will be here to guide you through that. widespread rain on tuesday. 60s return, fog and drizzle. 81 for livermore today, 74 in fremont, 76 in redwood city. so today, tomorrow all the way through sunday, we'll see the sunshine and temperatures will be comfortable. then it starts to get a little icky monday into tuesday. we get our first showers, widespread showers tuesday into wednesday, periods of rain by thursday. friday still lingering with a few showers out there. so it's going to be a very active pattern. we need the rain, though. what we don't need is a slow drive on a friday. let's check that with mike.
5:47 am
>> slowing drive on a friday is what we have. even on friday, you know, the northbound routes, most of the yellow on the south bay map not a problem, but it is time for that first burst of traffic. northbound 101 north of 680 up towards 880 we're starting to see those speeds hold steady around the 50s, and so there you go with that volume for the south bay. watch highway 87. i'll track it with you as well. farther up we're looking at the traffic flow through palo alto a much better situation than yesterday. great flow of traffic as well as south into the south bay. the peninsula holding its speed for 101 and 280. coming over from the east bay, a look at the san mateo bridge. foster city approach here. coming down the high rise, here's your westbound commute and a nice flow of traffic. volume building. a note also starting at 10:00 p.m. tonight through monday morning at 5:00 a.m. we'll have that closure for retrofit work. we'll have that the following weekend as well. farther to the north we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza with no real backup, just
5:48 am
some of the cash lanes starting to back up. this will be more congested this weekend using this as one of your alternate to the san mateo. in the north bay, more headlights but no real slowing at the curves through taerra lin linda. we can tell you the san francisco restaurant community is a very tight-knit group and this morning a lot in that industry are shaken up. a popular cook right now fighting for his life. police found the 39-year-old in the street about 2:00 a.m. tuesday. he had just broken up a fight there. nobody at this point is quite sure exactly what happened but heart broken friends believe he was targeted by people looking to rob the restaurant workers known for carrying cash. >> he's a really, really good person and he was -- he was planning on going home soon. he was ready to leave. he missed his family and he wasn't planning on being here
5:49 am
past next christmas. >> he spent most of his time at serpentine but friends say he was quick to offer any help to chefs in a lot of kitchens, sending the money home to his wife and four kids in mexico. san francisco police right now looking for witnesses to share any information they might have about that fight that landed him in the hospital. 5:49. the boy scouts are america apologizing this morning for the so-called perversion files. the files reveal more than 1200 cases nationwide of known or suspected child abusers who at one time were affiliated with the organization. here in the bay area, there are more than two dozen cases. the files were started by the boy scouts in the 1920s in an effort to prevent abusers from returning. they were recently made public by two attorneys in portland, oregon. the scouts say they have a system in place to prevent would be abusers from becoming scout leaders, including background checks and training programs.
5:50 am
>> we will not let a leader walk into this office and apply for a leadership position in the boy scouts of america without taking the youth protection training. they will be turned away. >> the boy scout of america says it will review its files and report all cases of abuse that have not already been reported to police. laura, the port of oakland's executive director is now on paid administrative leave. this after allegations of excessive spending at a houston strip club that he ultimately put on the city's tab. the port commission making a decision last night but not before getting appear earful from sdiu members. maritime director james kwon racked up a tab over $4500 entertaining clients in a strip club in houston. >> we have an investigation going under way. of course we will make further comment once we have a full investigation with all the details of all of these items.
5:51 am
>> we can also tell you commissioners hired outside counsel to look into these allegations. the president said it will be a couple of weeks before more statements will be made on this issue. 5:51. coming up, why safety experts say airlines may be too safe. and gadget friday. what is it? well, we hope you'll watch.
5:52 am
5:53 am
good friday morning to you. 5:53. a new worry this morning that airlines may be too safe. there's not been a deadly domestic airline crash in 43 months. safety experts say with numbers like that, it's hard to justify imposing costly new safety measures. changes in regulations can cost the industry hundreds of millions of dollars. an update to those ongoing
5:54 am
nhl lockout talks. we have a live look at the hp pavilion, home of the san jose sharks. not looking good for a november 2nd start this season. both sides back at the negotiate table yesterday. the players association countered the openers offer giving them three options of their own. however, nhl commissioner gary betman said he was, quote, thoroughly disappointed with all of them. betman says an agreement must be some? place by thursday if a full season is actually going to be played. high school juniors and seniors, this is the last stress-free weekend for a while. the a.c.t. test next saturday and the s.a.t. the weekend after that. scott mcgrew, you have some help for them. >> i do. it's an invention by a high schooler who took these tests himself. it's a watch. he calls it the testing timer and i bet you can guess what it does. the watch knows, though. it's very smart. five sections to the s.a.t. it knows that. it knows the english section is 45 minutes long and has 75 questions. the math is 60 minutes, 60
5:55 am
questions. so it counts you down. it has a pacing timer and a visual cue that says you should be about halfway done with your english section or your math or whatever. it's $39, which trust me when you add up all the money that students spend on tutoring, not very much money. now, these watches are specific. one does the a.c.t., one does the s.a.t. instead of talking about it next weekend right ahead of the a.c.t. where you wouldn't have time to order it, i figured i bring it in a little early and let you know. >> how many times are you really going to use that, though? >> just one time hopefully because you'll get such an excellent score. but 40 bucks? 40 bucks for an excellent score? why not. >> if that will get you an excellent score? >> 39 bucks well spent. some smart kid will figure out how to put s.a.t. answers on that thing. >> that was a real concern, all joking aside. so this has been certified as okay because they are very serious, as you well know. >> a black market one, okay,
5:56 am
let's see. anyway, we don't recommend that. 5:fwi right now. christina loren here. she's not going to cheat us on the weather. >> straight a student. >> well, good morning to you. in science it's hard. we're looking good out there right now. temperatures are chilly to start, 50s and 60s, but we're headed toward the 80s. we're done with that record-breaking heat at least for now. 70 degrees today in san francisco, 76 in redwood city. a man who went to ucla and got straight as, mike inouye. >> straight as, i've seen those from friends. we're looking over here at 280 where there is not a straight freeway. this is curvy and starting to get a little more congested but not so dramatic as far as the build. pretty easy at the 880/17 interchange. you're at the limit for most spots. we'll look at another live shot and show you how the volume starts to pick up at the toll plaza for these cash lanes. it's almost 6:00. we should see slowing over the
5:57 am
next 20 minutes. another live look outside, we'll show you the golden gate bridge where we have light volume and through the north bay, it's building through san rafael. we still have a little low cloud coverage building at the span itself. 5:57. still ahead, the latest on the developing news in san francisco. police still trying to figure out what caused an early morning shootout and crash. we've got a live report coming up next. alright let's break it down.
5:58 am
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we're clear. ok, swarm! swarm! hello [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin a cab caught up in a crash as a shootout happens on the streets of san francisco. and people sound asleep wake up to smoke and flames as a fire rips through a home in the south bay. also now on the brink, the giants trying to put a stop to that series slide as the cardinals move one game away from the world series. we have live coverage coming up just ahead. it's raining in st. louis. meanwhile the sun will shine over the bay


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